Auto Bang


Professional Gundog Training Equipment

The Auto Bang is an affordable new concept in gundog training.

The Auto Bang has taken 2 years to produce for the amateur and professional.

Auto Bang has many uses mainly when your dog has mastered marking a dummy or ball and you want to progress onto blind retrieves. The sound of the shot attracts the dogs attention to the area that you want to send the dog and this makes an easier retrieve with the sound of a shot.

Auto Bang can also aid in making your dog steady to shot.

These are just 2 examples of many.


The radio transmitter can be program with up to 4 receivers in one system

The range of the transmitter receiver over open ground is approximately 500 to 800 metres with the Auto Bang on the ground. In testing we have achieved a greater range.

The Auto Bang comes with an internal fully charged 12v battery.

In testing 500 to 800 shots per charge is normal.

A plug in mains 240V charger is supplied with the Autobang.

When you have fired between 500 and 800 shots it is recommended that the battery be charged.

The transmitter comes installed with a 9V PP3 battery and would recommend replacing after 2000 to 3000 shots.

The magazine along with many of the internal parts have been CNC machined for its accuracy and trouble free working.

The unit is now supplied with a  16 shot magazine as standard.

         Select the Video on a training exercise to show a working unit in the field

Auto Bang

Click the link below to view the instructional DVD on how to set up the Auto Bang

See above the fine detail of the 8 shot magazine and how the blank is inserted into the magazine.

Below: See the Radio's being constructed.

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