Photo by Deborah Green Midland Counties Labrador Retriever Club

All new training equipment from Autoretrieve.com

Autoretrieve has been developed by Alistair Ford for both the professional and amateur trainer's in mind.

The Autoretrieve equipment is ideal for group training or just you and your dog's

Wanting to improve on training, it took Alistair over two years in the making and has now produced fully tested units.

After the launch in 2014 a number of trainer's have won field trial's, qualified for the England and IGL Championship using the Autoretrieve training equipment.

In 2016 a bolting rabbit has been added to the range.

Just a few comments of what trainer's have said.

Mike Tallamy & Sarah Gadd

Great kit and well constructed. Really great help in getting young dogs to go to A to B.

James Reavil

Makes a difficult task easy. Dog's learn quickly, and a must for getting your dog to hold an area.

Kevin Doughty Highsea Training

The Autobang with the Autoball has proved to be an excellent training aid for us. Great help for blinds as the dog's can hear the shot. Now with a standard 16 shot magazine we can really push the dog's on.

Kirsty Cousins

Fantastic. I love it. Fired hundreds of shot's. Autoretrieve is a vital part of my training for group's and individuals. A must for me.

Richard King

The Auto Bang and Auto Ball are one of the best and simple

training aids I have used.

Norman Owens

A really great aid to get the dog's to the area after they have reconised the sound of shot. Makes our life a lot easier with Autoretrieve.

Laure Dearlove

We have now used the ball droppers several times at a max distance of 500 metres.

These units have worked faultlessly on every occasion, functionally simple controls, easy to use and load.

Similar to your video, we purchased two telescopic rod rests to hold the units up.

So in summary very please with our purchase would recommend any one looking to invest in a ball dropper to speak to yourself.

Louie Robertson

We have used the Autobang box for several years now and find it an exceptionally useful training aid.

It really draws dogs out towards the shot so is incredibly effective for building in blind retrieves and returning to an area, 

as well as acclimatising young dogs to shot.

Working on your own or with a group it encourages young dogs to run without the sight of a dummy thrower ahead.

Well designed, easy to use and thoroughly raliable.

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