Auto Bird

The picture on the right shows the Auto Bird

This is a very light weight machine which can be easily carried to the field for training.

There is a all new British  electronic radio system fitted to the Auto Bird. In testing we have achieved a mile in range.

Just a simple press of the button will release the catch to spring open the folded arms to eject the game or dummy.

A  mains charger is supplied.

A generous amount of  powder coating has been applied for durability.

The transmitter is supplied with upto 4 channel buttons. This is so other Autoretrieve products can be activated from the same transmitter. A flashing led light indicates when the transmit button is pressed.

The next picture shows the spring adjustment.

See also a video on programming the radios

The picture on the right shows the Auto Bird  folded with a dummy inside.

Another useful excise with the Auto Bird is to use it as a dummy launcher.

If you train in an area where the sound of a shot being fired is not permitted the Auto Bird being silent could be one answere to your training.

Select the short video below to see the AutoBird working