Welcome to my page on the all new Dummy Dropper.

Six Pod Dummy Dropper

All the Autoretrieve products have been designed for a training aid for dogs. 

I have been asked for a machine that would cycle dummys.

This is what I  have come up with.

This is I beleve the first machine in it's class to be able to cycle and drop dummie's by remote control.

Also this machine will drop tennis balls as well. 

The unit will drop standard size dummy's up to 1 1/2 lb. Also as shown on the dvd clip below it will cycil the small plastic dummy's as well. If it fits in the tube it should cycle and drop.

Brand new adavanced electronic panel on this model.

Auto battery monitor that will bleep when you need to charge the unit.

On start up the unit will bleep the number of times you have tubes. 6 times for the 6 dropper and 4 times for the 4 dropper.

In testing we have managed to drop over 200 dummy's and still going. I am hopeful for someware between 200 and 300 before charging.

If you allready have a Autoretrieve product there is no need to buy another remote transmitter as this can be easly programed to this product.

Please see link below to video of the dropper working


The Autodummy(AD) has been designed with ease of setting up.

Find a suitable position to hang the AD by the hook.Recommend minim height off the ground to be 1.5 meters. This is so the dog does not see the dummy drop.

The AD has a micro controller operating the electronics. The AD has a time delay of 4 seconds built in when first switched on. After this delay the unit will operate as normal. The AD will only release one dummy within a 4 second cycle. This is to stop any double dummy’s being dropped. When first turning on the unit a green led light will be on .The AD will bleep the number of times there are tubes on your unit. Insert standard dummy’s in the tube. Press the red reset button. A short bleep will sound and a red led light will turn on.The unit is now ready to drop dummies.Turn the remote to the on position and press the drop button to release a dummy.

The AD is a rechargeable product. A bleep will sound when the unit needs to be recharged. A charger is supplied with the unit. The charging socket is found on the main control box.


Limited stock on this product 

If not in stock order time 3 weeks.

If you do not have the correct size dummy 

the Mystikue Dummys work best.

Buy this at

Press link to view video of the dummy dropper

Four Pod Dummy Dropper.